Who is JarredBunch?

Invst is a division of JarredBunch Consulting LLC. As an independent Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, JarredBunch is here to help you reach your full financial potential. To help you live the life you want to live. Our job is to educate, guide and counsel you toward that end. Free from the Wall Street powerhouses, we act in your best interest as your fiduciary. Every day, we roll up our sleeves and go to work for you. The advice and solutions we render to our clients are not only at the highest degree of professional standards, but are also the same that we would render to ourselves and our families. Welcome to the smarter, faster, non-conforming, personal wealth building, always got your back, Bunch.

We’re different. We’re not financial “planners.” We believe traditional thinking has limited your potential for far too long. We believe that your mindset is more important than money in reaching your full financial potential. And yes, not everyone is a fit for our firm. But we also believe that many people are ready for change, for an era of wealth management that makes your money work for you. Perhaps you’re on the verge of change yourself, tired of the endless anxiety over your finances, emotional roller coasters and ongoing battles with the market. Perhaps you also lost faith in traditional theory some time ago, just like we did. Maybe you now find yourself at a crossroads, struggling to find change in a static industry.

Since inception it has been our mission to educate, guide and counsel people toward reaching their full financial potential. Specializing in full-service wealth management, we help protect your life’s work, grow your wealth, and sustain your legacy.

In short, we’ve made comprehensive financial life management available to you directly. Now, through Invst, we’ve made the investment strategies we’ve used for years with our clients directly available to you on this automated platform. We manage your money on this platform the same way we do for our private wealth clients with the ease of automated service. If you want to engage us for a more comprehensive look at your financial life, we’re available to help. Call or email us directly for more information.