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What Will Your Financial Legacy Be?

So much literature surrounding financial health is focused on the grind of building balances, eliminating debt, and taking advantage of favorable markets. When is the last time you stopped to ask yourself “What does my eventual retirement mean for future generations?” Chances are it isn’t an idea that comes up very often, meaning you’re likely neglecting the key beneficiaries of your wealth planning.

The legacy you leave behind stretches far beyond your work history, your loved ones, and cherished memories. How you prepare for your retirement, health care, and financial needs can mean the difference between boon and burden for your children and loved ones. Studies increasingly show the reality of inter-generational poverty- the financial state that you leave behind is now more important than ever.

Your Family Legacy

Thinking of death is not a comfortable thing, but it is important as you plan for your eventual retirement. Proper budgeting and planning can keep you independent and avoid putting burdens of time, emotion, and finances spent on medical care for you. A medical emergency can incur tens of thousands of dollars of debt. Leaving that burden for your children can impact their own futures and those of their children.

A financial burden like healthcare debts can also further complicate the painful emotions of saying goodbye by introducing regret and resentment. Planning your finances properly and commiting to a healthy, preventative lifestyle can preserve your retirement and their financial futures, paving the path for prosperity and plenty of happy memories.

Your Legacy of Giving

What charities, causes, or organizations matter most to you? Charitable giving is incredibly important in life, but the proper financial plan can provide for you to make a substantial contribution after your death. This generous action can put a stamp on your values and beliefs that guided your life, and help improve lives and communities long after you are gone.

The Lessons We Teach

Most importantly, your financial status in death serves as a testament to your life. No matter your age, your children will still learn from you. Creating a positive legacy in this way can pass down important lessons of dignity, preparedness, self-reliance, and the positive impacts of a giving spirit to your children and grandchildren.

Saving at least 15% of your salary is a good start on your way to reaching this goal. Truly hacking your future, though, requires some more insight and planning. Contact us today for help making the best future we can together.


There are many other areas to consider but most people ignore these. If you need help designing your plan for retirement or just a second look, we’re happy to help.

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