Randy Cate Financial Advisor

Maximizing your wealth and managing your investments should be a satisfying and exciting process. Money is deeply personal, which is why everyone should have confidence and clarity about where it is going and how it is working for their benefit. Becoming the person who achieves their dreams involves partnering with someone they trust to give them that clarity along with the best strategies to fit their unique needs.

Having served medical executive leaders and doctors for years, I understand the importance of forming trusting partnerships and the need to maximize resources. I was drawn to financial planning, investing, and resource maximization because I saw the opportunity serve more people in an extremely impactful way.

I’ve been in your seat—working with big financial institutions who may not have your best interests in mind is unsettling. That is why now, being in a position where I can strategize, resource, and serve, I come from a transparent place of purely wanting to help you meet your goals and openly advance your portfolio in your best interest. In all my client relationships, there are no secrets; all my cards are on the table, and we move forward together.

What it is like to work with me: your portfolio is unique to you, and I treat it that way. There is no “one size fits all” approach or “autopilot” in my vocabulary. You can expect tailored resources, open and regular communication, and a meaningful partnership. Everyone has a different launching point—so there is not an expectation to have it all figured out. My goal is to help you realize your goals and then bring those dreams to life.

Randy graduated from Indiana University and has led an impressive career in the medical device industry. Randy and his wife have four kids and live on the north side of Indianapolis. He is always ready for an adventure, as he loves spending time in the mountains, doing HIIT workouts, fishing, and having friends over with his family.

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