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Perfect 10


Please fill out our Perfect 10 Update.

This will serve as a tool to reflect on your year and to help us plan for your future.

Can’t wait to go through this with you at our Review Meeting!

Perfect 10 Update

Perfect 10 Update


Family Headlines - What are some good or impactful things that happened to/with your family this year?

3 Year Reflection - Three years from now, what would have to happen for you to feel happy or excited about your progress in working with us?

Dangers, Opportunities, and Strengths - What dangers, opportunities, and/or strengths do you think could help or hinder you from meeting your goals?


Family Rocks - Rocks are a type of goal we use at Invst. Think about a bucket that you’re taking to the beach, trying to collect rocks. You wouldn’t put the sand and water in before the rocks. Rocks are things that you MUST get done. They should be specific, realistic goals.