The stock market returned an average of 9% over the last 75 years. But will you achieve that? Real returns fluctuated from a loss of 43% to a gain of 54%. Can you stomach that fluctuation? You don’t have to. What if we reduced those large drawdowns, reduced your stress over market fluctuations, and made it easier to achieve your full financial potential? We can!

Volatility Robs Your Returns

You get one shot at this financial journey. You’ll have opportunities for success, and even greater opportunities for failure. But failure is not an option. Our strategies are built with this in mind. They put downside protection first to create a smoother investment ride, and keep you disciplined over the long-term so you can reach your full financial potential. Sophisticated wealth management used to be reserved for only the wealthiest investors. Not anymore.

The market is in some state of drawdown (5% or more) over 50% of the time. And this is normal. Does it feel normal? This rollercoaster can create negative emotion leading to bad decisions.

    Drawdowns Impact Your Returns and Behavior

    Large drawdowns significantly affect behavior AND returns. During the last financial crisis the drawdown was >50% and took 202 days to hit bottom. Do you remember what that felt like, it was awful! Investors made poor decisions all the way down and even on the rise. It took 883 days just to get back to even! Buy and hold strategies say you just have to “hold on” it will eventually come back. It did, but what did you do in the meantime? Did you try to time the market? Some got so scared they still haven’t re-entered the market and missed out on a nine-year bull market. What if you had retired in 2008 or were going to retire in 2010, 2012? Imagine what that feels like to the investor. Think about what your life would be like if you could avoid these big drawdowns.

    Now we can do something about it!

    How Does your Portfolio Stack Up? Use investment strategies that management downside risk and capture upside returns. No more speculation and gambling with your money. Having a rules-based strategy creates a smoother investment ride and helps reduce stress and anxiety around your investments. Get a free analysis and comparison of what you are currently do.

    Analyze My Investments

    We are wealth managers, but not in the way you typically think. Our view is different, our approach is different, the way we look at the world (your world) is different.

    Learn to discern fact from opinion:


    • Pundits share opinion
    • Speculation/forecasts are opinion
    • Headlines are noise
    • Predicting future returns
    • Economist/expert predictions
    • Forward looking statements
    • Target prices


    • Discern what is true
    • Price is real
    • Where the market is today
    • How the market has behaved in the past
    • Market vitals (current conditions)
    • Valuation
    • Trends

    Evidence contradicts conventional investing:


    • Prediction based on the past
    • Factors create performance
    • Rational market
    • Security selection
    • Efficient frontier
    • Modern Portfolio Theory


    • Price
    • Not all factors work all the
    • Irrational behavior drives markets
    • Asset allocation
    • Trend following
    • Rules-based strategies

    Take the uncommon approach:


    • Traditional buy and hold strategies
    • The way everyone does it
    • Over-diversification
    • Following theory-based “stories”
    • Viewing your financial life in silos
    • The financial “plan”
    • Ride it out
    • High risk to get high return


    • Trend following
    • Evidence over theory
    • Appropriate diversification
    • Not falling for the “story”
    • Comprehensive financial life view
    • The financial “model”
    • Avoid large drawdowns
    • Less risk for more return

    A Holistic Approach

    Do you have a way to weigh and measure your current portfolio?

    How do you know you’re on the right track? Which line are you on the Monte Carlo simulation? There are a bunch of “tools” your advisor uses to sell you. Most are bunk but some are useful. Which is which?

    Your investment portfolio is only a part of your overall financial life. You should have an Investment Policy Statement to guide your decisions. You should have a defined process to weigh and measure your portfolio – risk, cost, return. You should have software at your fingertips to organize your entire financial life. You should be fully equipped to address sequence of return risk, longevity risk, and other unknowns. Do you have these things?

    Are you living the life you want to live? Are you confident you are positioned to navigate the future? If not, you need to contact us right away.

    Are You Reaching Your Full Financial Potential? Ready to live the life YOU want to live?

    If you died today, what would your tombstone say? Would it be complete, or would there be much left unsaid? Now, if we could extend your life, what would you change? What more could you accomplish? What would be the culmination of your life that people would remember?

    “The world moves fast. And when the only constant is change, how you adapt to that change determines your success or failure.” – Scott Jarred, CEO

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