Phil’s practice is solely focused on helping families who have loved ones with special needs plan for an abundant future. His younger sister, Sarah, has Down syndrome and is the catalyst for how he approaches planning conversations with his clients.

He believes that future planning conversations should be focused on allowing our loved ones to live happy, fulfilling, and purposeful lives—today and every day in the future.

Very early in his career, he realized that the industry’s approach to special needs planning was only centered around helping parents plan for the day that they are no longer able to care for their child.

While having a plan in place for the ‘what ifs’ in life are important for any family, as a proud big brother, he believed that families much like his own needed better conversations about future planning—conversations that centered around creating opportunities for success for his sister and our loved ones. 

Phil, his wife Chelsea, and their daughter Emma, live in Carmel Indiana where they enjoy being active in the community. Phil is a Special Olympics coach, a volunteer for Down Syndrome Indiana and Gigi’s Playhouse, and is an active board member for Same As U. His family are members of Mercy Road Christian Church where they volunteer in the special needs ministry.