Joshua Peters, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, started his career with Merrill Lynch as Financial Advisor in 2007, earning his securities licenses just in time for the Financial Crisis. Following Merrill’s merger with Bank of America, he spent the majority of his career with small, independent RIAs, with some years in between running an RIA of his own. He has been a Financial Planner, a mutual fund portfolio manager, a 401(k) investment manager, and a host of other roles that usually overlap, giving him a very broad experience in serving clients.

The most gratifying part of his work is educating clients about the opportunities and possibilities available to them, and being part of implementing those changes in their lives. Organizing the clients’ financial junk drawer frees them to impact the world and focus on what brings them joy in life.

Joshua enjoys the thrill and inspiration that come from speaking to an audience. His favorite moment came at Brigham Young University when he gave an impromptu lecture on leadership to 400 attendees when the planned speaker was unable to attend.

His treasure is his family. He and his wife, Elizabeth, are the parents of five children. Together, they enjoy hiking, biking, board games and serving in church and the community.

MBA, Oklahoma State University
BA, Brigham Young University