“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing— that’s why we do it daily!”

Man I love me some Zig Ziglar. How many of us get all jacked up to take off running (not just physically) only to find ourselves tired with in a few short weeks of the plan. We build a well thought out model to take ourselves to the next level and find that one day that we just “can’t”. That leads to another which leads to another which leads to a week and then to a month and then where did we start again? Well (fill in blank with excuse) and that is why.

How many families have this same experience. They will relate that experience to the work you do. So what makes you different. How do you, an agent of batteries included, keep yourself charged up and provide that energy to those around you. If for one moment a client senses that you are losing juice then they automatically paint you in the same picture as “typical”. Uncommon results are born out of uncommon daily attitude, effort, and focus.

So here is to each of you finding that daily bath (and please do that for real) of motivation and being contagious with it. That is a virus worth taking a mask off for and catching!”

Josh is a highly energetic professional with an engaging personality, has over 17 years of success as an agent and in building and leading agencies in the insurance business. His most recent positions were at OneAmerica and Guardian where he delivered recruiting, training, development systems and success to agencies across the midwest. Prior to Guardian, he was the award-winning president of agency operations for Farmers Insurance, achieving significant recruiting and growth results and delivering more than $50 million in revenue.

“I believe in reading a quote each and every day and try to live by three simple goals:

Reach one person everyday
Teach one person everyday
Eliminate one obstacle everyday

As a typical Hoosier growing up in Monticello, Indiana I love to play basketball. Four years of basketball at Saint Joseph’s College instilled a passion for teaching and coaching that I eventually transferred to the business world.”

Josh is has been married for over 23 years to his wife Amanda. With 8 children life revolves around supporting each in everything from football, gymnastics, diving, track, soccer, church groups, and helping with the newest member… the german Shepard Leonitis.