Meet Branden Bunch, CHFC®, CLU®

Branden’s specialty is working with high income earners and high net worth pre-retirees.  Helping them minimize taxation at every phase of their life, build wealth, and have financial security.  He currently works with and is accepting the following types of clients:

  • Corporate Executives with stock-based compensation.
  • Physicians
  • High Performing Sales Executives
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Owners of closely held private businesses.
  • High Net Worth Pre-Retirees

Providing more than just wealth management.  As a true fiduciary they not only manage investments, but they also manage cash flow, insurance, tax strategy, estate planning, and overseeing outside advisors.  Bringing clarity, balance, and peace of mind to their clients.

Branden was born and raised in Southeastern Indiana in the Greater Cincinnati area. He grew up in a blue-collar environment and was exposed to hard work, not money. He describes that he came into this business the hard way. No fancy degree, no wealthy connections, and even moved away from his hometown to start a business from scratch. He moved to Tampa in 2002 and co-founded Jarred Bunch Consulting, LLC in 2003 and now INVST, LLC.  Branden then met his wife Marina, and today they live in Lakewood Ranch, FL with their two daughters Gabriella and Isabella. Branden loves being a dad and hanging out with his wife. As a family they enjoy traveling together and staying active. His daughters are involved in school sports, ballet, and music.  He stays true to his hometown roots and is an avid Cincinnati Bengals fan.