Meet Branden Bunch, CHFC®, CLU®

For me, it has always been about the client. If the client wins then I win. Since day one I have built my business around what the client may want or need, and where I can add value. The financial world is complex. The educational system, government, and financial institutions are not teaching people how to become wealthy. Of those families that are wealthy 70% lose their wealth by the 2nd generation, and 90% by the 3rd. Statistics prove that managing wealth is not an easy task, and the families of wealth do not have winning strategies.

I strive to bring my clients freedom, balance, and peace of mind by being a true financial partner that has their best interest at heart. We not only give advice, but also help clients execute that advice. Our process is dynamic and adaptable to an ever-changing life, unlike a financial plan that is stale they day after it’s printed. It is my purpose to be my client’s most trusted advisor, and to help them achieve their maximum financial potential so that they can live the life they want to live.

Branden Bunch is a Chartered Financial Consultant, and co-founder of Jarred Bunch Consulting, LLC, now Invst. Invst is an (RIA) Registered Investment Advisor, and operates on a fee basis as a fiduciary.

Branden was born and raised in Southeastern Indiana in the Greater Cincinnati area. He grew up in a blue-collar environment and was exposed to hard work, not money. He describes that he came into this business the hard way. No fancy degree, no wealthy connections, and even moved away from his hometown to start a business from scratch. He moved to Tampa in 2002 and co-founded Jarred Bunch Consulting, LLC in 2003. Branden then met his wife Marina, and today they live in Lakewood Ranch, FL with their two daughters Gabriella and Isabella. Branden likes to spend his free time with his family. He loves being a dad and hanging out with his wife. His mission is to give his family a better life and also teach them to be humble and kind to others. As a family they enjoy traveling together and staying active. He still has his hometown roots and is an avid Cincinnati Bengals fan, and has to make “Skyline Chili” on a regular basis.