How a Healthy Lifestyle Affects Your Financial Future

As financial consultants, we spend a lot of time focused on the health of your financial accounts. We take deep looks at your rates of return, cash flow, investment mix, and more to determine the ideal financial model for building your life. But we don’t often talk about your physical health, something that can have […]

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Uncertain Futures and the Importance of an Abundance Mindset

Turbulent times in the world can magnify troubles and make them seem even larger than they are. Whether investment woes, unexpected bills, or uncertainty in a career, these problems can dominate your mindspace and keep you trapped in a vicious cycle of pain and fear. These problems can seem even bigger in times of rapid […]

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Unique Challenges in Wealth-Building for Physicians

Doctors are frequent subjects for television, books, and other forms of cultural reflection. They’ve been glamorized and satirized and held in great esteem. They’re trusted advisors and spokespeople for improving health. Along with all of this acclaim comes one of the highest salaries in America- averaging just under $300,000 in 2017. There’s more to a […]

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Four Challenges to Building Wealth: Rules of Financial Institutions

In continuing our exploration of the four challenges to building wealth, we’re looking into the rules of financial institutions today. We’ve written at length before about how financial institutions operate to get and keep more of your money. Take the time to educate yourself on these behaviors and how they get hold of your money […]

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