The Four Challenges to Building Wealth: Velocity of Money

As we continue our series exploring challenges to building wealth, we need to introduce the concept of velocity of money. In personal finance, the velocity of money refers to using your funds to build wealth more quickly by getting your money to do more than one thing at a time. This is a well-kept secret […]

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Four Challenges to Building Wealth: Rules of Financial Institutions

In continuing our exploration of the four challenges to building wealth, we’re looking into the rules of financial institutions today. We’ve written at length before about how financial institutions operate to get and keep more of your money. Take the time to educate yourself on these behaviors and how they get hold of your money […]

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Following The Stock Market Is Bad For Your Returns

The irony of equity investing is this: if you knew nothing about the stock market and did not follow any financial news, you have probably made a very handsome return on your investment, but if you tried to be a little bit smarter and read any commentary from experienced managers, you probably performed poorly.

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Investment Noise: Know It and Forget It

Being able to recognize and silence investment noise is critical to your financial success. Stay the course, adhere to a rules-based, disciplined approach, and you’ll have better investing results for it.

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Volatility Gremlins Are Killing Your Bottom Line

When it comes to investing, even if you do everything “right,” you still might not reach your full financial potential. That’s because wild fluctuations – volatility gremlins – can kill your returns and steal from your bottom line.

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